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A revelation is simply an unveiling or a disclosure. The Revelation of Jesus Christ is the unveiling or disclosure of Jesus Christ. The gospels give us a great picture of the humble, meek and suffering Servant. The Book of Unveiling shows us the future, eternal picture of the reigning, authoritative, judging Jesus. The book of Revelation is about the end. It is a book about God bringing 'His story' to a close in the final chapter of history.

Studying the book of Revelation is beneficial to all believers. It grounds us in hope as we are able to read and see that all is going according to God's plan. It serves as such a strong incentive for evangelism as we read about the end of unbelievers. It is a stimulus to worship as we see God's power demonstrated and is also an incentive to godly living as we learn that our time here is short. Above all, it gives us an understanding of Jesus as we see Him as all powerful, all knowing, the King of kings and the Alpha and Omega.

2 Peter 3:14 - "Therefore, beloved, looking forward to these things, be diligent to be found by Him in peace, without spot and blameless;"

- adapted from sermon notes by Pastor Walter Kohrs (Calvary Chapel Cape Town)