Christian Service
by Giovanni Ovono

 Giovanni Ovono

What is serving and what is considered as servanthood?
Serving is the act of one that serves. It is helping or simply being of use. It is to give oneself into service.

What are the reasons you serve at church?
One of the reasons I serve at church is because I believe it is the duty for every believer to serve, and Jesus is our great example. Once we become a believer, we then partake into one same body and become a member of that one body. For the body to work properly, it needs all its members to be functional, and this works the same way in the church. The church needs all its members to be serving or helping, or simply to be part of a ministry, which is the same for me.
Another reason is that I serve God by serving others, in love and in all humility.

Are there any passages of scripture that encourage you to serve?
Some of the passages I can think of are Matthew 20:28, talking about Jesus who came to serve and not to be served; 1Corinthians 12:12-27, speaking about the diversity and unity in the body of Christ; the book of Acts which shows believers giving their lives into ministry - service to God while serving one another and glorifying God in the church and among the unbelievers.

How would you encourage others to serve at church?
Just to care for the church as much as we care for our own bodies and to remember that before serving anyone in the church, it is God we serve first. It should be a response to what God has done in our lives, but most importantly it should be a way to worship Him.

What are the benefits of serving at church?
Some of the benefits are that I grow in the love I have for others. I learn how to serve others. I become more and more humble as I serve in the church and because I serve in a community with other believers, God makes me grow in my faith in Him, as well as in maturity.