Sunday School Veteran Lorna Nikiforos gives some insight into the usefulness
of Christian books for children in ministry and parenting.

Do you ever use Christian children's books to teach/minister to your class?

In a world that has dismissed God’s Word as a point of reference for all decisions,
more and more parents are realising that their children are living in a battle zone,
and are ill equipped for the onslaught.
The most valuable weapon, God’s Word, will  help children cultivate a biblical world
view, helping them learn to think and act like Jesus. Our focus in the home and at
church should be centered on the Bible which contains absolute truth that applies to
everyone, and that God wants His children to use as their guide for life decisions.
As a Children’s Ministry worker, I would recommend that parents should use fun
ways to cultivate a love for God’s Word, while laying foundations. Books like
1001 Bible Questions Kids Ask is a valuable tool I have used. The questions challenge
children to think critically, while laying foundational truths. I have used these
successfully in games in Children’s Ministry.

Are they helpful / in what way are they beneficial?

As soon as children are old enough to read, they should be encouraged to read the
Bible for themselves. NIV Adventure Bible: The Gospel of Mark is definitely the best
book for new readers/ believers. Children will love the extra information that will
help them better understand the culture of Jesus’ day. I have given this Gospel to
many young believers.
Older children should be trained to have their own quiet time with the Lord, and start
basic journaling. Using a good study Bible is a plus. Children will enjoy all the extra
interesting information in the NKJV Premiere Study Bible for Kids . It will help them
better understand the culture of Bible times.

Is it important to find good children's books to go through with your own kids?

With so many ‘fake’ heroes, children need to be inspired by the compelling stories
of courageous individuals who have made a real difference in the world. Parents
should invest in books like Fanny Crosby: The Blind Girl's Song and other stories in
the Christian Heroes series. Read as instalments, they will have children begging for
more. Children will learn how real people pray through and handle difficulties, rely
on God, live by faith, and share God’s Word with joy.
I have used these in serialized form in children’s ministry, and know they have
touched the hearts of many children.

Lorna Nikiforos