A Christian's Relationship with the World

by Keli Kiamba
Keli Kiamba

What is doubt?
Doubt is defined as 'a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction' about something. In the Christian walk, doubt can come across in different ways. We can have doubts about who and what we believe in, but we can also have doubts about God's character or even our own spiritual state and where we stand with God.

What are some of the doubts you've had in your Christian walk?
As a Christian I have suffered bouts of doubt especially with regard to prayer and the ability of God's word to change me. Often I have found myself fighting against habits that take away my eyes from the Lord and seemingly after years of prayer still seem to face the same struggles - few victories against sin interspersed with periods of loss and the depression that follows.

What was the answer to your doubt?
The parable of the sower (Luke 8:5-15). In this parable the Lord tells of a sower who went out to sow seed. The seed he equates to the word of God and the good soil to the human heart. The seed that fell on the good ground yielded crop. In verse 15, the Lord speaks of the heart condition of those who received the word and bore fruit. He tells us that they received it with a noble and a good heart. But He also adds that they bore fruit with patience. The word patience gives us the idea that the fruit took time to develop. The fruit did not spring up from the ground in a day.